With justicealign, you will be able to create real-time reports on key statistics for your organization. These reports can be programmed to run on a set schedule, or you can create ad hoc reports on the fly. Whether it’s tracking a Public Defender's case load or viewing a pie chart with the Municipal Court’s case-type distribution, with justicealign, you will be able to report and track all your relevant information.

Scheduled Reporting
  • Set up Automated reporting task.
  • Batch reporting can be done while you work or overnight.
Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Create your own reports based on the inputs and outputs that matter to you.
  • Keep track of the information that helps you get the job done.
Accessibility on All your Devices
  • Access all the reports on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
Email and Share your Reports
  • Email and share all your reports with the appropriate parties and decision makers.