Electronic Content Management

With justicealign, you can access, store, send, receive and share all of the important electronic content from your devices. No longer will you be saddled with the cost and weight of paper usage. With justicealignand Electronic Content Management, you can store all your relevant electronic files in the online management system and access them anywhere in the world through an internet connection. Now, all you need to get the job done is your laptop or tablet and an internet connection.

  • Upload videos crucial to your case: Video footage from the scene of the crime, video footage from the police car, video of depositions and interrogatories, etc. The videos you need for your case are all at your mobile fingertips.
  • Upload audio clips crucial to your case: Audio of 911 calls; audio from interviews, depositions or interrogatories; audio from inside the courthouse; etc. The audio files you need in real time, when you absolutely need them.
Documents & Other Files
  • Upload and edit all your important documents including Word, Excel, PDF, and many more.
File Conversion:
  • With file and electronic content coming from a variety of different services, it becomes imperative to convert those files into a useable format. The justicealignplatform allows you to convert these files.