Secure Information & Restricting Access

With the complexities involved in the ever-increasing volume of cases, courts at all levels around the world need a fresh approach to manage the vast and growing amount of civil and criminal justice information—one that enables them to securely share data across jurisdictions and to analyze case intelligence and statistics.

Admin Controls:
  • With Admin Controls, Administrators are granted access to the entire system and are able to delegate tasks and secure information. With Admin controls, Administrators will be able to assign cases to Judges or Public Defenders, rearrange schedules based on case load and availability, and delegate access to appropriate parties.
Restrict Access:
  • Restrict access to cases, files and information. Check documents in and out with read-only and editing capabilities. Restricting access includes user-based security as well as full audit-tracking changes to cases or information.
  • Receive notifications when a case has been assigned, a document has been checked in or out or secure information has been changed.